Wonder Dynamics, a Los Angeles-based startup, has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) app that can replace a person with a computer-generated image (CGI) model in real time. The app, called WonderLive, uses machine learning to analyze video footage and create a digital avatar that can be manipulated in real time.

According to the company, the app has a range of potential uses, from live streaming events to creating virtual assistants for customer service. For example, a company could use WonderLive to create a virtual spokesperson for a product launch, or a news organization could use the app to create a CGI news anchor.

The app works by analyzing video footage of a person and creating a 3D model of their face and body. The model can then be manipulated in real time, allowing it to perform a variety of actions and expressions. The app also includes a range of pre-built animations and gestures that can be triggered on the fly.

One of the key benefits of the app is its ability to generate realistic-looking CGI models quickly and easily. According to Wonder Dynamics, the app can create a digital avatar in just a few minutes, which can save time and money compared to hiring a human actor or model.

WonderLive is not the first app to use AI to create CGI models, but it is one of the first to do so in real time. Other apps, such as DeepArt.io and Prisma, use AI to transform photos into artwork, while companies like Nvidia and Unity Technologies are working on creating more realistic digital avatars.

Wonder Dynamics plans to market the app to a range of industries, including entertainment, advertising, and e-commerce. The company believes that the app has the potential to revolutionize the way that companies create and distribute content.

“Our mission is to democratize content creation by making it faster, more accessible, and more affordable,” said CEO Chris Clyne. “WonderLive is just the beginning of what we can achieve with AI and machine learning.”

Via The Impactlab