Hugo Boss has entered the metaverse with a virtual showroom created using artificial intelligence (AI). The fashion house collaborated with a creative agency, Superplastic, to design and develop the 3D showroom. The virtual space showcases the brand’s latest clothing collection and is accessible through a web browser or a virtual reality headset.

According to the brand’s CEO, Daniel Grieder, the virtual showroom is a “revolutionary way of showcasing our latest collections.” He believes that the metaverse will play a significant role in the future of fashion retail, saying, “The metaverse is becoming an increasingly important platform for engagement, and we are excited to explore its potential.”

The virtual showroom features an avatar that guides visitors through the space and provides information on the brand and its products. The avatar is a digital representation of the brand’s ambassador, actor Chris Hemsworth, and was created using AI technology. “We used AI to create a highly realistic avatar of Chris Hemsworth that interacts with visitors in real-time,” said Paul Budnitz, CEO of Superplastic.

The use of AI technology in creating the virtual showroom has allowed the brand to personalize the experience for each visitor. “We are using AI to understand the preferences and behaviors of our visitors and offer a personalized experience,” said Grieder. “This allows us to better connect with our customers and create a more engaging experience.”

The virtual showroom is part of Hugo Boss’s broader digital transformation strategy, which includes expanding its e-commerce capabilities and enhancing its digital presence. The brand aims to offer customers a seamless omnichannel experience, where they can easily switch between online and offline channels.

In conclusion, Hugo Boss’s entry into the metaverse with a virtual showroom is a significant step for the brand and the fashion industry as a whole. The use of AI technology in creating a personalized and engaging experience for customers shows the potential of the metaverse in revolutionizing the way we shop for fashion. As Grieder said, “This is just the beginning, and we look forward to exploring the metaverse further in the future.”

Via The Impactlab