Autev, a Seattle-based startup, has launched its mobile charging robots that can convert parking spots into autonomous charging spaces, providing on-demand autonomous EV charging services that are more convenient and reduce the need for fixed charging infrastructure.

These intelligent massive battery packs on wheels can be summoned through an app and autonomously make their way to the desired location, where users can plug in their vehicles and leave them to charge. The firm hopes the service will ensure a seamless and convenient charging experience, improving EV owners’ overall satisfaction with electric transportation.

This solution offers cost-effectiveness and scalability, reducing upfront costs by 90 percent and providing 75 percent more revenue for parking facility owners. With the increasing demand for EV charging and the gap widening between EVs on the road and charging infrastructure growth, mobile charging solutions like Autev’s are becoming indispensable as the popularization of self-driving vehicles becomes more prevalent in the future.

By Impact Lab