Artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially replace 80% of human jobs in the future, according to renowned AI researcher Ben Goertzel. Goertzel, a US-Brazilian cognitive scientist and founder of SingularityNET, believes that artificial general intelligence (AGI) is just a few years away from disrupting our current world. He emphasizes that for machines to match human intelligence and adaptability, they must be capable of going beyond their training and programming limitations. While we have yet to reach that point, Goertzel suggests that AGI is on the horizon.

SingularityNET, Goertzel’s research organization, focuses on AGI and combines AI with blockchain technology to democratize access to artificial intelligence. AGI envisions algorithms outperforming humans in various tasks. Microsoft Research suggests that AI, particularly with advancements like GPT-4, will soon reach a level where it can achieve this feat. However, AGI remains an abstract term without a concrete definition. It encompasses algorithms excelling in standardized tests such as the bar exam and showcases versatility, ranging from simplistic drawing to complex coding.

Goertzel clarifies that while ChatGPT alone may not eliminate a significant portion of human jobs, forthcoming AI systems will certainly do so. He estimates that even without AGI, around 80% of jobs could become obsolete with the emergence of similar systems in the next few years. In Goertzel’s perspective, AGI’s dominance will ultimately enable humans to pursue more fulfilling endeavors beyond work. However, during the transitional period, social challenges are expected as AI gradually replaces one human job after another. Goertzel acknowledges that solving these issues remains a complex task.

While current AI systems have their strengths, Goertzel acknowledges their limitations. He highlights that these systems, while impressive, cannot match the reasoning capabilities required for scientific pursuits or generate novel ideas beyond the scope of their training data.

By Impact Lab