Chess enthusiasts in search of a smart chessboard that can autonomously move pieces during online competitions, matches against competitors, or even friendly family games may find their interest piqued by an exciting new Kickstarter campaign. With over $500,000 raised from more than 1300 backers and 54 days remaining, the project has already garnered significant attention. Limited early bird offers for the innovative GoChess board are now available, starting at approximately $199 or £161 (depending on current exchange rates).

Behind the sleek exterior of GoChess lies a revolutionary and patent-pending robotic system, capable of replicating your adversary’s chess moves autonomously. This groundbreaking feature enables you to compete with opponents from around the world, whether they are grandmasters or distant friends. The diligent robotic components within the GoChess board orchestrate simultaneous movements of multiple chess pieces, resulting in a swift, noiseless, and seamless game setup process. The experience is further enhanced with the option to initiate puzzles or revert to previous game states. With just a click, watch these miniature ‘operatives’ efficiently navigate across the checkerboard realm, effortlessly bringing order to the chaos.

The team behind GoChess has already delivered two successful products, GoCube and GoDice, to over 300,000 satisfied customers, earning multiple global awards. Now, they are excited to introduce GoChess—the world’s first truly robotic chessboard with AI technology that offers an unprecedented level of realistic gameplay. Chess, a timeless game cherished by kings, queens, and grandmasters, captivates players of all skill levels with its simplicity and complexity. GoChess eliminates the barrier of distance, allowing players to indulge in their favorite game against opponents of their choice, whether face-to-face, online, or with AI.

Assuming the GoChess funding campaign achieves its required pledge goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is anticipated to take place around May 2024. To learn more about the GoChess robotic chessboard project, explore the promotional video below, which provides an in-depth look at this innovative endeavor.

By Impact Lab