As AI gains popularity across industries, tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and Google are increasingly venturing into this field. Samsung has now revealed that its research division is working on an in-house “ultra-large AI system,” utilizing all available GPU resources. The company plans to release this AI system in July, positioning it as their take on large language models (LLMs), potentially rivaling the likes of Bard and ChatGPT.

While specific details about Samsung’s project are currently scarce, the company’s dedication to leveraging its GPU resources suggests promising developments. This move could also prompt Apple to deepen its AI involvement. Although Apple has been relatively quiet about artificial intelligence lately, competition in the market may spur the company to step up its efforts.

The upcoming large language model by Samsung is anticipated to unveil more information in July, bringing excitement and expectations for its integration into the One UI. Enthusiasts hope that this AI system will enhance the overall software experience. However, concerns arise as Google has recently shifted its focus to AI. There is a desire for Samsung and One UI to differentiate themselves from Google’s approach and maintain their unique identity.

As the tech industry continues to embrace AI, the competition between major players is likely to drive innovation, ultimately benefiting users with advanced and diverse AI applications.

By Impact Lab