The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technology, and gaming has become a prominent topic of discussion within the tech industry. Cointelegraph had the opportunity to sit down with Robbie Yung, the CEO of Animoca Brands, during the Proof of Talk 2023 conference in Paris. Yung shed light on the relationship between AI, blockchain, and gaming, emphasizing the transformative impact of generative AI on art teams and the immersive experiences it brings to players.

AI’s Influence in the Gaming Industry: Yung revealed that Animoca Brands has been involved with AI for a significant period, both by incubating AI companies and integrating AI into game development. He highlighted the game-changing impact of generative AI on art teams, greatly enhancing productivity and development processes. The gaming industry, in particular, has seen a pervasive use of AI. Nvidia recently introduced Nvidia ACE for Games, an AI tool suite that empowers nonplayer characters (NPCs) or background players in games with enhanced character capabilities.

The Symbiotic Relationship between AI and Blockchain: Yung emphasized the symbiotic nature of AI and blockchain in gaming. When games are built on blockchain technology, AI integration becomes even more relevant. Yung explained that NPCs can become fully-fledged characters in blockchain-based games, engaging in transactions among themselves. As a result, Yung predicted that crypto would become the native currency of AI, as transactions between AI-powered NPCs would likely require cryptocurrency. This integration of AI and blockchain enables the creation of active, non-stop NPCs, akin to having numerous tireless employees.

Overcoming Limitations and Regulatory Clarity: Yung acknowledged that both AI and blockchain face challenges related to cost and power. However, he expressed confidence that, like any technological advancement, these limitations would be swiftly addressed. The interview also touched upon the regulatory landscape surrounding AI, blockchain, and gaming. Yung welcomed regulations, emphasizing the importance of clarity for investors. He believes that a predictable environment, achieved through clear regulatory frameworks, fosters investor confidence and drives investment in industries that utilize emerging technologies.

Conclusion: The interview with Robbie Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands, shed light on the intersection of AI, blockchain, and gaming. The integration of AI in games enhances productivity and provides players with immersive experiences. When combined with blockchain technology, AI-powered NPCs become integral characters engaging in transactions, potentially using cryptocurrencies as the native currency of AI. Yung also emphasized the importance of regulatory clarity to instill investor confidence and encourage investment in the gaming and metaverse industries that leverage AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

By Impact Lab