French e-drive innovator Cixi is revolutionizing the biking world with its Pedaling Energy Recovery System (PERS), an electronic crankset system that eliminates messy and noisy bike chains. Partnering with Look Cycle, they showcased this cutting-edge technology in the Rover 45 concept speed pedelec, demonstrating its incredible potential for electric vehicles and ebikes.

The PERS technology utilizes onboard electronics controlled by custom algorithms to set resistance at the pedal. The energy from rider input is then recovered and used to propel the vehicle forward via the hub motor. This system offers various pedal effort levels, with automatic torque adjustment for hill climbs and customizable power output. Regenerative braking is integrated, effectively replenishing the battery while reducing wear on the brake pads.

Cixi’s ambitious vision for PERS tech extends to their funky three-wheeler, the Vigoz, expected to achieve speeds of up to 120 km/h (74.5 mph) on pedal power alone, boasting a battery range of 160 km (~100 miles) and a minicar-like enclosed bodywork for a rider and passenger.

Teaming up with Look Cycle has been a game-changer for Cixi, leading to the creation of the Rover 45 concept speed pedelec. Built around a Look-designed low-step frame with MIK-compatible racks for cargo, this pedal-assisted vehicle features a 700-Wh battery placed between the downtube and seatpost, enhancing its overall aesthetics.

Control of the power level is conveniently managed through a mobile app, which also offers additional functions like system lock, digital key sharing, and tracking capabilities. While commercial release details have not been disclosed, Cixi plans to ship the first PERS crankset to manufacturers next year, targeting ebikes, cargo bikes, mountain bikes, and covered urban three-wheelers.

With the PERS technology, Cixi is leading the way in creating cleaner, quieter, and more efficient biking experiences, marking a significant step forward for the future of electric mobility.

By Impact Lab