Tesla Inc is determined to make significant strides in the world of supercomputing, with CEO Elon Musk revealing the company’s ambitious plan to invest more than US$1 billion into its Project Dojo by the end of 2024.

During a conference call with investors, Musk explained that Project Dojo involves the development of an in-house supercomputer specifically designed to handle vast amounts of data, including the extensive video footage captured by Tesla cars. This data is crucial for the advancement of autonomous driving software.

The sheer scale of the investment seemed to cause some concern among investors, leading to a post-market decline of more than 4 per cent in Tesla’s share price. To allay these concerns, Zachary Kirkhorn, Tesla’s chief financial officer, clarified that the investment would be divided between research and development expenses and capital expenditures. Importantly, this significant investment aligns with Tesla’s previously-stated three-year expense outlook.

Musk emphasized the abundance of video data at Tesla’s disposal, thanks to the widespread use of Autopilot, Tesla’s camera-based driver assistance software, and the “Full Self Driving Beta” feature. These systems have collectively generated an impressive 300 million miles of data, providing valuable insights for refining Tesla’s autonomous driving capabilities.

Tesla has already begun production of its “Dojo training computer,” signaling the seriousness and commitment to Project Dojo’s goals. By harnessing the power of supercomputing, Tesla aims to revolutionize the development of autonomous driving technologies and pave the way for a safer and more efficient future on the roads.

By Impact Lab