Rossinavi, the renowned custom yacht builder, has introduced its pioneering hybrid yacht, the 164-foot “No Stress Two,” equipped with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI). This vessel, belonging to the Blue series, was launched in April and recently delivered to its owner, marking Rossinavi’s foray into sustainable hybrid yacht design.

Federico Rossi, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, emphasizes the role of artificial intelligence in enhancing the onboard experience, enabling the yacht to operate in five distinct modes, ranging from full diesel power to full electric propulsion. The No Stress Two boasts a sleek and futuristic appearance, characterized by what Lead Designer Enrico Gobbi aptly describes as an “automotive aesthetic.” The yacht features a silver exterior with a prominent black window spanning nearly three-quarters of the hull amidships. The superstructure and upper deck exhibit elegant curves, a swept-back radar arch, and large radomes atop. At the yacht’s bow, a spacious Jacuzzi enhances its allure. Gobbi elaborates on the owner’s vision for this sporty superyacht, which incorporates dynamic lines, perpetual tension in the design, and streamlined bridges reminiscent of jet wings.

The yacht’s transom, while maintaining its streamlined appearance at speed, can be transformed into a beach club. This expansive area, with a width of almost 30 feet, offers open space and a staircase leading to the main deck. While the interior is described as “minimalist” and constructed from top-quality materials, detailed information and images remain limited.

The fast-displacement hull is intricately designed to accommodate the hybrid system, which comprises two electric motors and diesel propulsion, although specific sizes have not been disclosed. The vessel’s five operational modes encompass full diesel for speed, full electric for silent cruising, and a hotel mode for onboard comfort. Rossinavi’s AI technology plays a pivotal role by monitoring the battery pack, optimizing its charge level between 20% and 80%, and facilitating communication with the crew to implement operational changes that minimize environmental impact.

According to Rossi, the No Stress Two represents just the beginning of Rossinavi’s AI-driven yacht innovations. The forthcoming launch of the “Sea Cat,” a 141-foot catamaran, is expected to set new standards, capable of cruising in electric-only mode for an entire day. Initial renderings of the Sea Cat showcase its sleek and modern design, distinguishing it from most superyacht catamarans. With its advanced hybrid system, it promises to be a remarkable addition to Rossinavi’s repertoire.

By Impact Lab