Singapore-based startup SpaceChain is launching a groundbreaking service that combines artificial intelligence with Earth observation data to provide valuable insights. The service, known as I-Sat and developed by SpaceChain’s U.S. subsidiary, SC Solutions, aims to streamline the process of extracting meaningful information from Earth imagery.

Ziheng Xiang, SpaceChain’s Director of Technology, explained that while AI has simplified the task of answering questions, most AI solutions lack real-time analysis and do not integrate seamlessly with Earth intelligence. I-Sat, akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, employs natural language processing technology to generate answers but goes a step further by incorporating real-time data analytics to support those answers.

SC Solutions is actively inviting Earth-imagery providers and application developers to join its platform. The company intends to leverage blockchain technology for payment distribution to vendors, ensuring a transparent and secure process, as stated by SpaceChain CEO Cliff Beek.

I-Sat’s capabilities have been demonstrated through pilot projects in Brazil, focusing on paper, pulp, and sugarcane production. By applying AI to satellite imagery, I-Sat provides customers with detailed insights into vegetation health, soil moisture levels, and recommendations for enhancing plant health. For example, sugarcane yield predictions were significantly improved by utilizing optical imagery, synthetic aperture radar imagery, and open-source climate data within a machine-learning model.

Ziheng Xiang also noted the potential applications of I-Sat in the mining industry.

Before venturing into Earth observation and AI integration, SpaceChain initially established blockchain payloads in space. The company’s seven nodes on satellites and the International Space Station enable data processing, transmission, and storage in orbit. In its pursuit of I-Sat, SC Solutions collaborated with Nvidia’s Inception Program and Google for Startups to harness valuable resources for emerging businesses. Additionally, SpaceChain is actively forming partnerships with satellite imagery providers.

SpaceChain aims to democratize access to Earth observation data, simplifying the process for users. The platform leverages generative AI to interact with users, providing accurate analysis and explanations for their queries. For instance, if a user seeks information on water pollution in New York in 2022, the language model will analyze the question and furnish the user with precise information and a detailed explanation.

By Impact Lab