Samsung is set to unveil its highly anticipated food integration platform, Samsung Food, at IFA 2023. This annual trade fair, the largest of its kind in Europe, focuses on consumer electronics and home appliances and will take place in Berlin from September 1st to September 5th.

Samsung Food is a revolutionary platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to offer users a personalized food experience. It boasts a wide range of capabilities, including meal planning, food preparation assistance, recipe searching, cooking guidance, and content sharing.

One of the standout features of Samsung Food is its seamless integration with Samsung’s kitchen appliances. Users can choose from a vast selection of over 160,000 recipes that come preloaded, and they also have the freedom to add and save new recipes that may not be in the platform’s catalog.

What sets Samsung Food apart is its ability to enable users to experiment with fusion recipes. For instance, individuals can create a vegan version of a meat-based recipe or explore different culinary styles. Users can tailor their meal plans to align with their unique preferences, dietary restrictions, and ingredient preferences. The platform also offers guidance based on the user’s culinary skill level, streamlining the cooking process.

Moreover, Samsung Food simplifies the cooking experience by seamlessly syncing information across devices. For example, the Samsung Bespoke Oven will automatically retrieve cooking temperature and time data, eliminating the need for manual input. Future updates will expand support to additional appliances, such as the Bespoke Induction and Bespoke Microwave.

Samsung Food will not only be accessible on mobile devices but will also be compatible with the Bespoke Family Hub Refrigerators. This integration will enable the platform to recommend recipes based on the ingredients stored inside the refrigerator. Furthermore, Samsung plans to enhance the personalized recipe function within the Family Hub Refrigerators.

The global launch of the Samsung Food app is expected to roll out gradually to 104 countries and will be available in eight languages by the end of this year. Users can download the app from both Google Play and the App Store, and it will also be compatible with non-Samsung mobile devices. Samsung has ambitious plans to integrate Samsung Food with the Samsung Health app, allowing it to suggest recipes based on the user’s BMI, body composition, and calorie intake, further enhancing the personalized experience.

By Impact Lab