Samsung has reintroduced its beloved Ballie robot at CES 2024, showcasing an updated version with an exciting new feature: projection capabilities. The round Ballie robot can now project content onto the floor, wall, or ceiling while it accompanies you around your home.

In a delightful video presentation, Ballie, once again appearing in its playful yellow color, demonstrated various creative projection tricks. These included playing a bird video to entertain a dog, displaying a video call on a wall, and providing a fitness video for someone working out. Samsung also highlighted that Ballie can automatically adjust its projection based on its distance from the wall and the lighting conditions, claiming to be the world’s first projector capable of detecting people’s posture and facial angle to optimize the projection angle.

Beyond its projection capabilities, Ballie functions as a versatile smart home assistant. It can control various devices like air conditioners, lights, laundry machines, and more. In the video, Ballie was shown turning on lights, dispensing dog food, and even sending text messages to inform someone about its actions. Additionally, the robot can follow you throughout your home and greet you when you enter. The video concluded with Ballie creating a cosmic scene on the ceiling above the actors’ bed.

While the video presentation was entertaining, Samsung did not provide any specific details regarding the release date or pricing for Ballie. Unlike CES 2020, where the robot physically rolled onstage, this year’s presentation relied solely on video footage. Nonetheless, the reappearance of Ballie at CES 2024 has generated excitement, with hopes that Samsung will eventually bring this innovative product to market.

By Impact Lab