Lockly, a leading smart lock company, is stealing the spotlight at CES 2024 with its revolutionary product, the Lockly Visage smart lock. Priced at $349, this high-tech marvel is set to redefine home security with its cutting-edge facial recognition technology.

Say goodbye to traditional deadbolts as the Lockly Visage transforms your doorway into a futuristic haven. Channeling Tom Cruise vibes, unlocking your front door is as easy as approaching it. The Visage not only boasts facial recognition but also seamlessly integrates with Apple’s Home Key and features a fingerprint reader for additional high-tech entry options.

While facial recognition is not new to video doorbells, Lockly’s Visage marks the first time this technology has been incorporated into a consumer smart lock. Unlike fingerprint unlocking, which is already popular on smart locks, facial recognition takes the process to a hands-free level. Philips has also entered the scene with its Wi-Fi Palm Recognition Smart Deadbolt, but Lockly’s Visage stands out with its sleek Minority Report-inspired design.

The Visage utilizes binocular facial recognition through two 2MP-resolution IR sensors, capable of storing up to 100 face profiles. Unlocking occurs within 2.6 feet and takes less than 1.5 seconds. For those who prefer traditional access methods, the lock provides a digital keypad, RFID key cards, fobs, and a regular key.

Managing the Visage is a breeze with the Lockly smartphone app, offering remote control and access management. The lock supports a range of access options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and RFID. Scheduled for release this summer, the Visage will seamlessly integrate with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, in addition to supporting the new Matter smart home standard.

In a commitment to innovation, Lockly also announced the Matter Link Hub, priced at $79.99, set to launch later this year. This plug-in device will bring existing Lockly products, such as the Flex Touch Fingerprint Deadbolt, Access Touch, and Secure Plus, into the Matter ecosystem. Moreover, it will introduce Apple Home support to these locks, eliminating the need for multiple hubs.

As a bonus, Lockly has unveiled the first Z-Wave-certified fingerprint lock in collaboration with Alarm.com. The Lockly Guard Deadbolt Z-Wave, available directly to pro installers, can seamlessly integrate with any Alarm.com-powered home security system, offering a comprehensive solution to modern home security needs.

By Impact Lab