In the dynamic realm of battery technology, 24M, a company born from the innovative mind of MIT professor Yet-Ming Chiang, continues to push the boundaries. Known for transforming disruptive technology into commercially viable solutions, 24M has recently introduced Eternalyte™, a groundbreaking electrolyte designed specifically for lithium-metal batteries.

The company, dedicated to addressing the world’s need for affordable energy storage, boasts a unique battery manufacturing and product design technology set enabled by the 24M SemiSolidTM and Unit Cell manufacturing platform. This innovation aims to overcome longstanding challenges associated with energy storage products — reducing costs while enhancing performance, safety, and recyclability.

Since its inception in 2015, 24M has been a trailblazer in battery technology. From its semi-solid-state batteries to the revolutionary electrode-to-pack system (ETOP), the company has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions. The recent addition of Eternalyte™ further expands its disruptive portfolio.

Eternalyte™, a proprietary liquid electrolyte formula, promises significant advancements in the cycle life and rate capability of lithium-metal batteries. This development aligns with 24M’s commitment to sustainability and creating transformative solutions for a better energy future.

Solid-state electrolyte technology has traditionally been the preferred choice for lithium-metal batteries due to their potential for higher energy densities. However, safety concerns and challenges with cycle life have limited their commercial viability. 24M addresses these issues with its unique liquid electrolyte, which, when combined with Impervio™, offers a low-cost solution to prevent metal dendrites while ensuring excellent cycle life and consistent electrical resistance.

Early test results indicate that Eternalyte™ enables substantial improvements in cycle life and rate capability for lithium-metal batteries, with the potential for up to 1,000 miles of driving per charge. The promising outcomes position 24M as a key player in shaping the future of electric mobility and energy storage systems.

As the automotive industry moves towards all-electric vehicles, the prospect of batteries with extended range and rapid charging capabilities becomes crucial. 24M’s innovative technology, including Eternalyte™, holds the promise of eliminating range anxiety and accelerating the global adoption of electric cars and trucks.

While the next phase of electric vehicle adoption awaits field testing by automakers, 24M’s advancements may already be steering us towards a future where electric transportation is not only closer but potentially here.

By Impact Lab