Defense contractor Teledyne FLIR has recently revealed its cutting-edge thermal sniper scope, the ThermoSight HISS-HD, capable of tracking its own bullets in real-time, day or night, at distances of up to 2,200 meters (1.3 miles). Unveiled at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas, this groundbreaking technology empowers snipers and machine gunners to engage targets covertly at extended ranges.

While snipers are among the most skilled professionals in the armed forces and law enforcement, their roles have evolved beyond relying solely on keen eyes and steady hands. Modern snipers employ specialized rifles, advanced optics, and computer processors to account for variables such as windage, air pressure, muzzle velocity, and bullet trajectory. Despite these technological advancements, the ThermoSight HISS-HD recognizes the necessity of an old and reliable tool – the tracer round.

Traditionally, tracer rounds, with their incendiary charge, are used to illuminate the trajectory of shots. However, this method has drawbacks, as it may reveal the shooter’s position to the enemy. The ThermoSight HISS-HD addresses this challenge by enabling snipers to observe their rounds effectively, akin to tracer rounds, even in broad daylight. Achieving this feat involves an imaging sensor equipped with a cryocooler to lower temperatures significantly, reducing thermal noise and enhancing resolution. Advanced processors then translate this data, enabling snipers to directly perceive the thermal signature of rounds in flight.

Teledyne FLIR emphasizes that while similar systems exist, the ThermoSight HISS-HD stands out as the first in the field to deliver such high-resolution capabilities over extensive distances. Weighing a mere 4.6 pounds (2.1 kilograms), the scope seamlessly attaches to standard MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail mounts and is compatible with various scopes and weapon systems.

Designed for snipers, machine gunners, and soldiers engaged in reconnaissance, force protection, surveillance, and forward observation missions, the waterproof and auto-focusing ThermoSight HISS-HD also features a remote control pendant and supports remote observation with video recording. Rob Tarantino, Vice President of Surveillance Strategy and Development at Teledyne FLIR Defense, expresses confidence in the ThermoSight HISS-HD, describing it as an unparalleled choice for precision shooters seeking a versatile and lightweight thermal sight that enhances range and accuracy in any environment.

By Impact Lab