This Friday marks the conclusion of Futurist of the Year 2024 in Warsaw—a pioneering congress that celebrates science. The event, organized by the Nicolaus Copernicus University (NCU) in partnership with various collaborators, serves as a platform for debating the future of technology, economy, and education.

“Futurist of the Year 2024 is a project for which we have been preparing by gathering contacts with leading futurists. They helped us build the program for the largest scientific congress focusing on the future of education, banking, and modern technology,” says Piotr Turek, the Rector of Nicolaus Copernicus University.

The congress has attracted experts, scholars, and enthusiasts from diverse fields, fostering meaningful discussions and envisioning innovative paths forward. With a focus on collaboration and foresight, Futurist of the Year 2024 has become a cornerstone event in shaping the future landscape of science and technology.

he Futurist of The Year Congress is closely tied to Dom Kopernika, aimed at creating a space for science, research, and innovation. This initiative targets young, entrepreneurial leaders whose support contributes to the technological and cultural development of society. Described as a space for integrating academic, business, and technological environments, Dom Kopernika offers an innovative approach to education and science in the digital age. The project is implemented by the Copernican Academy in collaboration with NCU and other partners.

Dom Kopernika Supports Young Creatives

“Dom Kopernika is a program filling gaps in support for active and entrepreneurial young people in Poland. Nicolaus Copernicus University provides international, interdisciplinary education while maintaining the highest quality at the forefront. In the spirit of the Copernican revolution, we have created a project that integrates futurology, artificial intelligence, and modern technology into the university’s activities. I am convinced that Nicolaus Copernicus should receive such an award in several categories,” says Piotr Turek.

Throughout the three-day congress, numerous debates, lectures, and panel discussions took place. One of the topics discussed was the regulation of artificial intelligence, as well as whether the future of AI will be democratic. A panel titled “Digital Money – most money is digital, so what’s new in digital money?” also sparked insightful discussions.

Winners of the Futurist of The Year 2024 Award

The congress was an opportunity not only for meetings and exchange of views but also for future leaders. The Futurist of The Year 2024 Awards selected outstanding personalities who have made significant contributions to the future in their respective disciplines in nine categories. The Futurist of The Year statuette is a ring astrolabe, the most complex observational instrument of Nicolaus Copernicus, symbolizing humanity’s aspirations to explore every area of the universe. The awards were presented by Dr. Piotr Turek, the Rector of Nicolaus Copernicus University, the organizer.

By Impact Lab