PARIS, France — French automotive giant Peugeot has announced a partnership with Vay, a German mobility startup, to integrate “teledriving” technology into its vehicles. This innovative tech offers an alternative to autonomous cars, allowing vehicles to be remotely driven by human operators. The collaboration will focus on assessing the use of Vay’s teledriving technology in “last-mile delivery” vans and smaller logistics vehicles, targeting business-to-business (B2B) customers.

The concept aims to replicate the typical journey a delivery vehicle takes from an order fulfillment center to its final destination, whether it be households or businesses. Unlike self-driving cars, which operate without human intervention, teledriven cars are controlled remotely by human drivers who navigate using a live feed of the vehicle’s surroundings. These teledrivers undergo several weeks of rigorous training and must receive certification before operating one of Vay’s teledrive stations.

Vay’s technology is particularly well-suited for short-distance trips, making it ideal for last-mile deliveries and logistics center operations. Last-mile deliveries refer to the final segment of the delivery process, where orders are transported to the customer’s doorstep.

Peugeot, a renowned French automobile brand owned by the Netherlands-based firm Stellantis, conducted initial test drives of Vay’s technology with its E-308 electric car last year. The partnership, which has been in development for 18 months, was chosen due to Peugeot’s innovative reputation and diverse customer base, according to Justin Spratt, Vay’s Chief Business Officer.

Spratt highlighted that the collaboration with Peugeot will demonstrate how delivery operations can be made more efficient. The teledriving technology allows vehicles to be delivered on demand, redistributed, and taken for cleaning and charging in a more cost-effective manner.

This partnership marks a significant step forward in enhancing delivery logistics through advanced technology, offering a glimpse into the future of efficient and cost-effective last-mile delivery solutions.

By Impact Lab