Tokyo Steel Japan has unveiled its new proprietary green steel brand, Enso. The Enso circle, a symbol deeply rooted in Japanese culture, represents eternity, infinity, harmony, balance, and the cyclical nature of life. This emblem reflects Tokyo Steel’s commitment to the circular economy through its products. The Enso logo, transitioning from charcoal to green, signifies the company’s shift from carbon-intensive production to sustainable green steel.

Tokyo Steel reduces embodied carbon emissions by using electric arc production with recycled steel scrap and highly efficient operating processes, bypassing the emission-intensive steps typical in traditional blast furnace methods. The initial Enso product range includes Hot Rolled Coil (HRC) and Hot Rolled Plate (HRP), with plans for downstream expansion in the future.

Enso HRC embodies about one-third of the carbon emissions of leading EU blast furnace producers, while Enso HRP embodies about one-fifth. Tokyo Steel has been consistently supplying these low-carbon products to the EU market, meeting the increasing demand from the construction, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors.

To enhance the Enso range, Tokyo Steel plans to introduce an ultra-low-carbon emissions product made using 100% renewable energy, expected to be available later in 2024. Hisanori Sakai, Executive Officer GM of International Sales Department at Tokyo Steel, emphasized the company’s role as a low-carbon steel producer. He highlighted the Enso brand’s importance in showcasing the company’s dedication to the circular economy and reducing embodied carbon emissions.

The development of the Enso brand was in partnership with Stemcor, a leading independent global steel trading company. A Stemcor Group spokesperson noted the rising demand for steel products with lower embodied carbon emissions in Europe, especially in light of the upcoming EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). Tokyo Steel’s Enso range is thus positioned as an attractive option for companies seeking cleaner supply chains.

Tokyo Steel remains committed to achieving the lowest possible levels of embodied carbon emissions through technological advances and increased use of renewable energy in production. The company will manage the supply of Enso to Europe, adhering to all import regulations and requirements set by the European Union.

By Impact Lab