Segway Unveils New AI-Powered Scooter at Micromobility Europe

By Gaspar Incze 

Segway, a global leader in micro-mobility solutions, is unveiling its latest model of artificial intelligence (AI) – powered e-scooter at Micromobility Europe (MME) 2022, the industry’s most influential trade show this week in the Netherlands.

The S90L, to be introduced at MME 2022 for the first time, is an e-scooter that integrates a full spectrum of AI technologies optimized for shared use. As regulators and fleet operators demand increased safety and sustainability in shared vehicles, manufacturers have traditionally relied on third-party solutions for features such as lane detection and parking detection. Segway’s S90L marks the first time in the industry that all AI technologies – from intelligent sensors to algorithms – are designed and developed through one integrated platform: the Segway Pilot.

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