Successful public speaking in the 21st century

A great public speaker is authentically present and ready to connect with their audience.

Speakers are so last century when they stand behind a podium glued to the floor, reading from slides and addressing a less than enthusiastic audience.  It’s 2013, and successful speakers need to be aware that audiences have changed.  They are better informed, crave connection and expect to be actively engaged in the “conversation.”



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Programming is the core skill of the 21st Century

Learn-to-code programs bent on teaching anyone, even children, programming skills are on the upswing.

Meaningful education was all about learning your ABCs in the 20th Century. Today, it’s centered on Alphas, Betas and C++. Programming skills are becoming ever more important, quickly turning into the core competency for all kinds of 21st Century workers.


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Craig Venter: A 21st century perspective on life

Craig Venter

Craig Venter: I was asked earlier whether the goal is to dissect what Schrödinger had spoken and written, or to present the new summary, and I always like to be forward-looking, so I won’t give you a history lesson except for very briefly. I will present our findings on first on reading the genetic code, and then learning to synthesize and write the genetic code, and as many of you know, we synthesized an entire genome, booted it up to create an entirely new synthetic cell where every protein in the cell was based on the synthetic DNA code.



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