Twitter to censor tweets on a country-by-country basis


Some Twitter users are planning to go all of Saturday without tweeting to show their displeasure.

There are fears of Twitter censorship among bloggers and activists from China, the Middle East and Latin America as new Twitter policies could allow governments to censor messages, stifling free expression.

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Yes Men Documentary Does Online Via Bittorrent To Evade Censorship

TheYesMen 9822

The Yes Men

Prankster activists The Yes Men are sick of having the videos depicting their shenanigans taken down through copyright complaints, so they’ve put the latest video, a full-length doc called The Yes Men Fix the World up as a torrent file through VODO, resistant to censorship and easy to get.

VODO’s sixth release is the special Peer-To-Peer Edition of the multi-award-winning The Yes Men Fix The World. This edition, made exclusively for VODO, includes exclusive controversial footage of the Yes Men impersonating the United States Chamber of Commerce. The Yes Men are being sued over this action, and see P2P as the best and only way this material will get seen. They’re calling for it to be copied as far and wide as possible…

Tree-Sitters Plucked From Their Perch By Officials

Tree-Sitters Plucked From Their Perch By Officials 

After almost two years perched in the sky, Berkeley’s tree-sitters came back to earth Tuesday. The final four were handcuffed and escorted by police down steep steps of scaffolding for a safe-and-certain descent cheered by hundreds of bystanders, who anxiously gathered in fear of a conflict at the top of a 100-foot redwood.

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