Is Google Running Low on Ads?

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Google’s filler ads when they are out of inventory

If you are a avid reader of blogs like I am, you have probably started seeing an increase in the number ad blocks inviting people to advertise on Google. These “filler ads” show up for a number of reasons such as bringing in more advertisers. But more often, it would appear, its because the giant ad company is out of inventory. Here is what we found out from some of our contacts within the company.

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Pushing the iLimits

Pushing the iLimits  

 iFart Mobile developed by internet entrepreneur and best selling author Joel Comm

The mother of invention is probably wagging a finger at creative genius Joel Comm as he wears a smug smile. One can easily appreciate Comm’s remarkable Internet marketing genius. Everyone has thought of it, but he’s among the few who puts ideas – no matter how crazy – to work. By the way, mother probably wants to think twice about pulling Comm’s finger.

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