Safety Sphere – inflatable crash suit for motorcyclists


Canadian inventor Rejean Neron’s Safety Sphere concept has to be the most, well, all-encompassing airbag for motorcyclists. Described as an “inflatable crash garment for non-enclosed vehicle riders”, Safety Sphere isn’t so much built into the rider’s suit as it is the rider’s suit. In the event of an accident, the intended results are nothing if not dramatic, as the CG video promo ably illustrates. (Pics)

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Skier Airbags – Motorcyclist-protection Technology Coming to the Ski Slopes

skier airbags

Dainese is trying to bring airbag technology to the slopes.

Almost anything that you can use to get around quickly comes with an airbag these days, even flying cars. So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that airbags could be the newest accessory you see skiers wearing the next time you hit the slopes.


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Ford To Introduce Seatbelt Airbags On The Explorer

seatbelt airbags

The seatbelt inflates over the shoulder and torso in a 40 milliseconds

A car maker is introducing seatbelts that inflate like airbags to give extra protection to passengers.  Ford is fitting the back seats of vehicles with belts that inflate automatically during a crash.


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Top 10 Futuristic Vehicles

Top 10 Futurist Vehicles

MMR25 by Mitsubishi Motors

Today’s list is the future. From wild wheels to perfect seats to flying cars, this is the way we’ll be crashing into each other when tomorrow rolls around. Are you ready for that?! Are you ready to do some amazing flips, twists, and the all important barrel roll? Drop the back on in! (Pics)


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Mercedes Adds Pelvic Protection To Its Side Impact Airbags

Mercedes Offers More Protection By Adding A Pelvic Airbag 

 Mercedes offers more protection with pelvic airbag

Side impact air bags have undoubtedly saved many lives. They were specifically designed to protect the torso from impacting the crinkle zone of the door and in some cases, they can extend all the way down to the knee. Mercedes has put a new twist on the side impact airbag by designing one that provides protection for the pelvis.




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