The Future of Zoos: Challenges Force Zoos to Change in Big Ways

For a mother escorting her kids through the Philadelphia Zoo, it was a close encounter of the ferocious kind. Directly in front of her as she strolled down the zoo’s main walkway was a Siberian tiger, a 400-plus-lb. carnivore capable of tearing apart a wild antelope. But rather than panic, the family laughed. The tiger was out of its lair, but its pathway was at a safe, meshed-in distance from onlookers, and after a few moments of looking around, the tiger moved on.

The tiger’s trail, dubbed Big Cat Crossing, is part of a bigger initiative called Zoo360 that has changed the way humans and animals experience the nation’s oldest zoo. There’s no question the experience is compelling for the humans. On a recent visit, I watched children drop their lunches in awe of white-faced saki monkeys hanging out in the trees. I witnessed one couple stop midconversation when a gorilla lumbered overhead, and saw more than a few families startled by the appearance of a large cat that seemed eerily close to them. But the bigger impact of Zoo360, says its chief operating officer, Andrew Baker, may be its effort to transform the experience of animals in captivity.

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Why pet owners are skipping the pet food aisle in favor of homemade pet food

pet food

Veterinarians say these pet food home chefs do it for different reasons.

We not only obsess over what we eat. We also obsess over what our pets eat. While the pet food industry has started adding salmon, vegetables and other ingredients humans favor to its products, the store-bought stuff just doesn’t make the cut anymore for some owners. They’re skipping the pet food aisle altogether in favor of cooking up big batches of Fido’s meals.



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90% of plant and animal species on Earth not yet discovered


There are approximately 8.7 million different types of plant and animal on Earth.

About 90% of the plant and animal species on Earth have yet to be discovered or classified according to scientists.  Earth is estimated to be home to just under 9 million species, a study says.


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Hunter Becomes the Hunted When Fox Shoots Him With Own Gun



A wounded fox pulled off a miraculous escape from a hunter – by shooting his would-be killer in the leg. The animal, which had already been shot, somehow managed to pull the trigger of the double-barrelled shotgun with its paw as the hunter battering it with the butt to finish the animal off .

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Mysterious ‘Bearded’ Antelope Discovered in Kenya


“Bearded” Antelope  Photo by Paola Torchio

Veteran wildlife photographer Paolo Torchio made a bizarre discovery while visiting Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve: a mysterious “bearded” antelope. While one expert suggests the animal might only be suffering from hypertrichosis, a condition once known as werewolf syndrome, Torchio’s experience is the only known encounter with such an animal.


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Pamela Anderson’s Vegetarian Advert Banned In Canada

The controversial banner in English
A vegetarian advert featuring Pamela Anderson in a string bikini has been banned in Canada for being “sexist”. The former Baywatch star features in a poster for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) covered in butcher’s labels such as “rump”, “ribs” and “breast”.
The creators of the advert, which includes the slogan “All Animals Have The Same Parts”, had been seeking approval for it to be displayed in Montreal. But Canadian officials rejected the banner, telling the animal rights group in an email it went against the “battle of equality between men and women”. Anderson, who is a vegetarian and long-time Peta activist, hit out at the “puritanical” decision.

Beijing Zoo Restaurant Serves Hippopotamus, Crocodile

Hippo 1111

Hungry Hippos vs Hungry For Hippos

Most of the time, the image of a zoo is one of animal protection and education. However, the Beijing zoo has expanded this ‘education’ to include the culinary aspects of some of the more exotic animals housed therein.

For about 20-200 dollars, visitors to the Bin Feng Tang restaurant can sample hippo, scorpion, peacock, shark fin, kangaroo tail, or deer penis!

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