Antenna’s can steal your smartphone’s secrets

eavesdropping antenna

The processors in smart phones and tablets leak radio signals that betray the encryption keys used to protect sensitive data.

Gary Kenworthy of Cryptography Research held up an iPod Touch on stage and looked over to a TV antenna three meters away at the RSA computer security conference last week. The signal picked up by the antenna, routed through an amplifier and computer software, revealed the secret key being used by an app running on the device to encrypt data. An attacker with access to this key could use it to perfectly impersonate the device he stole it from—to access e-mail on a company server, for example.

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Spray-on antenna for low power wireless everywhere


There may be a simple solution to your lack of a wireless signal soon. Scientists have developed a spray-on coating that can boost your phone’s reception, make your home amplify signals instead of attenuating them, or even turn a tree into a transmitter.

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Parasitic Fly Could Help Revolutionize Antenna Technology


Ormia ochracea is a small parasitic fly best known for its strong sense of directional hearing.

It’s no surprise that many bugs have excellent hearing thanks to finely honed antenna. Checking out the giant antenna on the tiny bug above, it seems no surprise that they can hear surprisingly well. In fact, some insect antennae are so powerful, engineers haven’t yet been able to come close to mimicking nature. And that’s especially when it comes to small, directional antennae. It’s one thing to have whip-like “ears” like the bug above, but what stumps engineers is making very small, but very acute sound sensors. Yet a minute fly — with minute antenna — is about to change that, and help revolutionize how we built these structures.


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Study Finds Cellphone Use Tied to Changes in Brain Activity

cell phone and the brain

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health have found that less than an hour of cellphone use can speed up brain activity in the area closest to the phone antenna, raising new questions about the health effects of low levels of radiation emitted from cellphones.


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Rabbit-Ear Antenna’s – An Old Technology Making a Comeback

rabbit ears and hdtv

Modern antennas cost $25 to $150 and can display a picture sharper than cable or satellite.

Julie and Anthony Bayerl of St. Paul, Minn., love watching prime-time shows on the sleek 50-inch television in their bedroom. They also love that they pay nothing for the programming.  The only thing they do not love is how a low-flying plane, heavy rain or just a little too much movement in the room can wipe out the picture.


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An Implantable Biosensor Could Alert Doctors to Signs of Disease

silk biosensor

A biosensor made from silk and gold can pick up tiny signals from proteins and chemicals in the body.

Silk and gold, usually a pairing for the runways of Milan, are now the main ingredients for a new kind of implantable biosensor. Researchers at Tufts University have crafted a small antenna from liquid silk and micropatterned gold. The antenna is designed to spot specific proteins and chemicals in the body, and alert doctors wirelessly to signs of disease. Scientists say the implant could someday help patients with diabetes track their glucose levels without having to test themselves daily.


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Your Boxspring Could Be Giving You Cancer By Acting As A Giant, Radiation-Emitting Antenna


Breast cancer is more likely to occur on the left side than on the right.

A Swedish study is trying to nail down the reason that cancer is 10% more likely to occur in the left breast over the right, on top of the steadily increasing risk of cancer over last 30 years. One theory? Your box spring could be a giant, radiation-emitting antenna.



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