Is your smartphone spying on you?


The Carrier IQ app not only tracks everywhere you go it also records all of your keystrokes.

A clandestine application called Carrier IQ, was recently discovered by an Android developer.  The application  is built into most smartphones and it doesn’t just track your location; it secretly records your keystrokes, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Is it time to put on a tinfoil hat? That depends on how you feel about privacy.


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NoteSee – New Conference Note Sharing Application

notesee 1


A year ago, Joel Smith was struggling to decide which panel to attend at South By Southwest, an annual tech (and music) conference in Austin, Texas. “There were many moments where I wish I could be three people so I could sit in all the really interesting panels,” he recalled. Absent cloning, his workaround was to Google for any notes, slides and videos he could find. “Not much turned up.”


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