Top 10 colleges in the U.S. with the biggest application drops


This fall, more than 20 million students are expected to return to college, a 24 percent increase from 2000. Still, the enrollment surge doesn’t mean that all colleges have gotten more popular. Some expensive private colleges have experienced significant drops in the number of high school seniors applying, according to a recent report. Elite Boston College has suffered the biggest plunge.

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17% of smart, poor kids apply to the wrong colleges

The majority of high-achieving kids from low-income backgrounds fail to apply to any selective colleges.

Middle-class American high-school seniors with good grades go through a familiar ritual of the college application process each year. The seniors file a bunch of applications.  They submit test scores, grades, essays, and letters of recommendation. They apply to a “reach” school or two and a “safety” school or two along with some in the middle. The idea is to see where you can get in and then decide where you want to go after researching both the quality of the schools on offer and the actual financial cost of attending. This system is a bit stressful and annoying, but basically it works. Students get matched with schools that roughly suit their level of academic preparation and people have a chance to shop around a bit for the myriad forms of financial aid that make college attendance feasible.

Sharp drop in law school applications

12.6% drop in law school applications.

87,900 people applied to ABA law schools in 2010. This number of people who applied was down 12.6% from the all-time high of 100,600 six years earlier.  That trend ought to have served as an early warning signal to law schools. After all, in 2008 and 2009 the economy was in the deepest recession since the 1930s, which should have have driven applications to professional school in general and law school in particular to new highs.



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Five predictions on the future of gamification

Gamification – integrating game dynamics into your site, service, community, content or campaign, in order to drive participation.

Margaret Wallace, chief executive of Playmatics and moderator at the the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab event on gamification, asked where gamification, or the use of game-play mechanics in non-game applications, is going next. In 15 seconds or less, the panelists answered.



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The changing face of software development that every organization needs to know about

Cloud- based infrastructures and the rise of open-source technologies have heavily influenced the software development landscape.

Software is created in the midst of fundamental change. Agile, component-based software development are helping coders create applications faster and more efficiently than ever before, but the process has also introduced complex new risks and requirements. Four critical steps can help reduce those risks.



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2011 Facebook Stats and Facts


Facebook is used by 1 in13 people worldwide.

Facebook Statistics, Stats and Facts for 2011 are starting to roll out, and here is the first infographic to wrap them all up thanks to Online Schools. With over 500 million users, Facebook is now used by 1 in every 13 people on earth, with over 250 million of them (over 50%) who log in every day. The average user still has about 130 friends, but that should expand in 2011.


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Top 10 Business iPhone Apps


After throwing your laptop, charger and spare battery into your travel bag as you head out the door, suddenly you don’t feel so mobile anymore. One solution is to rely more on your iPhone for basic business tasks, such as grabbing data from your company’s computer systems, managing a Web site and even viewing, editing and storing Word and Excel files.


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Litracon – See-Through, Light-Transmitting Concrete

Litracon - See-Through, Light-Transmitting 


Concrete has a sometimes-bad reputation as a harsh, rigid, cold-to-the-touch and straight-edged material. Litracon is doing a great deal to change that image of concrete through a score of creative and sustainable applications for their patented light-transmitting concrete. (Pics)

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Gecko-Like Adhesive That Lets Go

Gecko-Like Adhesive That Lets Go 

Special tips on gecko hairs can grip and release.

Gecko feet have long been a source of inspiration to scientists striving to make superstrong, reusable adhesives. Now researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have found a new way to make such an adhesive grip and release as required, using angled microstructures. These structures mimic the tips of the hairs found on gecko toes, which give the lizard its prowess as a climber.

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