Why internet companies in Asia still struggle to become global

Chinese internet company, Tencent.

Nearly half of the 2 billion internet users in the world live in Asia. They makes most of the hardware — laptops, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets — that is used to gain access to the Internet. In countries like South Korea and Japan, it has some of the fastest wired and wireless networks for carrying Internet traffic.



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Amasia – the next supercontinent

amasia supercontinent

A prediction of the future supercontinent, Amasia.

The Earth has been covered by supercontinents, giant combinations of continents, many times in its past, and it will be again one day in the distant future. The next predicted supercontinent, dubbed Amasia, may form when the Americas and Asia both drift northward to merge, closing off the Arctic Ocean, researchers suggest. (video)

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Fake Drugs Are a Growing Problem That’s Endangering Consumers’ Health


Counterfeit drugs are a “money machine”.

Counterfeit drugs made in Asia and other emerging markets are a growing problem that’s endangering consumers’ health and chipping away at drug companies’ profits. Last year, nearly 1,700 incidents of counterfeit drugs were reported worldwide, triple the number in 2004, says the Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI), a group funded by drugmakers. Estimates for the size of the counterfeit drug market range from $75 billion to $200 billion a year. The market is likely much bigger because many cases are hard to detect.


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Asian Nations Battling Superstition to Boost Birth Rates in the Year of the Tiger

year of the tiger

Many people in Asian countries believe Tiger babies could be vicious and bring harm to relatives.

The Year of the Tiger may be the year of empty nurseries in Asia. Nations in Asia are witnessing record low birthrates that experts warn will eventually leave the region without the workers needed to bolster the economy and pay for social benefits.


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Burma’s Military Trying to Make a Nuclear Bomb


Myanmar’s General Than Shwe

Burma’s military regime is trying to develop a clandestine nuclear programme with the aim of producing a nuclear bomb, according to a new study.  The five-year investigation by the Norway-based Democratic Voice of Burma concluded that the southeast Asian country’s ruling generals were a long way from producing a nuclear weapon but had gone to great lengths to acquire the necessary technology and knowledge.

Extreme Dieting in Asia on the Rise


Dieting ad in Hong Kong

This glamorous Asian city is known for its mouth-watering dim sum. Its high fashion. And its 100-pound-and-under women. Agatha Yau, a marketing executive, is one of these women. She has done many things over the years to stay trim: taken diet pills, eaten meals of boiled vegetables and practiced delaying gratification.


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