Could ‘solid’ light compute previously unsolvable problems?

solid light

Princeton University researchers have begun crystallizing light as part of an effort to answer fundamental questions about the physics of matter. The researchers are not shining light through crystal – they are transforming light intocrystal.


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Photo of the Only Atomic Bomb Ever Detonated in Space


Exploding nuke in space.

Since we’re coming up on the Fourth of July, and towns everywhere are preparing their better-than-ever fireworks spectaculars, we would like to offer this humbling bit of history. Back in the summer of 1962, the U.S. blew up a hydrogen bomb in outer space, some 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean. It was a weapons test, but one that created a man-made light show that has never been equaled — and hopefully never will. Here it is: (video)

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World’s Smallest Valentine

valentine smallest 4567

Tiny, Tiny, Tiny!

This valentine, made out of palladium atoms, is eight nanometers across. It formed spontaneously this week while researchers Zhiwei Wang and David Pearmain of the University of Birmingham’s Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory were working:

Although the palladium Valentine was a nice surprise for the scientists, they actually have other reasons for studying the palladium atoms. Professor Richard Palmer, head of the Laboratory explained..

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MIT Scientists Create First Magnetic Gas


For decades, scientists have debated whether or not gasses could display the same magnetic properties as solids. Now, thanks to some MIT scientists, they know the answer is a freezing cold yes.  MIT researchers have observed magnetism in an atomic gas of lithium cooled down to 150 millionths of a degree above absolute zero. This experiment represents a point of unification between condensed matter research and the field of atomic science and lasers, and could influence areas such as data storage and medical diagnostics.


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Stunning Image of a Single Molecule

single molecule

Even the bonds to the hydrogen atoms at the pentacene’s periphery can be seen

The detailed chemical structure of a single molecule has been imaged for the first time, say researchers.  The physical shape of single carbon nanotubes has been outlined before, using similar techniques – but the new method even shows up chemical bonds.


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World’s Most Powerful Electron Microscope

World’s Most Powerful Electron Microscope 

 Titan 80-300 Cubed Microscope

The Hubble telescope has a competitor. It’s not a telescope, but a microscope. The competition isn’t looking for stars and galaxies, but seeking atomic levels instead. McMaster University Canada has installed the world’s most powerful electron microscope at its Center for Electron Microscopy. Built in the Netherlands, the Titan 80-300 Cubed microscope is the planet’s most powerful and advanced microscope.

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Scientist Discovers Cure For Smelly Feet

Scientist Discovers Cure For Smelly Feet 


Nano-technology or nano-tech, refers to a field of applied science whose theme is the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. It concerns structures that are 100 nanometers or smaller and involves developing materials or devices within that size range. Inventor, Vladimir Rudenov, claims that he has developed a cure for smelly feet involving the weaving of silver nano-fibers into socks. His attempts to channel his small business into the wave of Russia’s burgeoning nano-technology industry has transformed his invention and his company into a national success story.

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