Automate or perish – has it come to this?

Robots made by Kiva Systems move product shelves on a warehouse floor.

Author and entrepreneur Christopher Steiner tells the story of stockbroker Thomas Peterffy, the creator of the first automated Wall Street trading system in the new book due next month, Automate This. Using a computer to execute trades, without humans entering them manually on a keyboard, was controversial in 1987—so controversial that Nasdaq pressured him to unplug from its network. Then, with a wink, Peterffy built an automated machine that could tap out the trades on a traditional keyboard—technically obeying Nasdaq rules. Peterffy made $25 million in 1987 and is now a billionaire.

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Post-Employment Era: Humans need not apply

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Perhaps comedian Steven Wright said it best:

“I lost my job the other day. Well, I didn’t really lose it. I know where it’s at, it’s just when I go there someone else is doing it.”

They say that the truest comedy is the funniest, and there is nothing truer than the statement above. Steven’s old job didn’t go anywhere… his employer just found someone more qualified, more efficient, or less costly to do it. In today’s economy where layoffs and a bleak job market are the norm, the joke has lost a great deal of it’s humor. But a good look at the data proves Steven’s point — all those jobs are still there, it’s just that employers are finding more qualified, more efficient, and more cost-effective help.

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[email protected] Lets You Control Your Home From Your Laptop Or Mobile Device


Featured invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

Your computer does everything else, why not control your home?  Controlling your home from your laptop or mobile device is now easy and affordable.  With [email protected] you can manage your thermostat, lighting, security, entertainment and much more.   


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Nokia’s Smart Home Center

Nokia’s Smart Home Center 

The cellphone giant Nokia wishes to tinker with your home, letting you control the entire house activities from the leisure of your couch or the bed. Nokia is to develop a new platform to enable users to monitor their electronics and homes energy status locally or remotely, with a mobile device. For developing the platform Nokia has teamed up with RWE, Europe’s largest home energy providers. With the help of the platform users can remain connected to their homes and monitor their homes’ energy consumption, security devices and other like cameras and motion sensors. Apart from the normal home automation features the Smart Home will allow users to turn off appliances that are wasting energy when they are away from home.

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