WORD-ROULETTE educates as it entertains the whole family

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WORD-ROULETTE® is a word board game that uses a modified roulette wheel, multiple balls and game work sheets for huge amounts of family fun and interplay. Creator Tony Aceti is bringing his game to the DaVinci Inventor Showcase to show it off to the world and do his best to make it a household name.

After the jump Tony talks about his product, the trials and difficulties of producing a game today and where he wants his product to go…

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Nottage G-1 Glass Top Pool Table

The G-1 Glass Top Pool Table

Nottage G-1 Pool Table 

“Vitrik.” That’s the name of the patented coating that allows the Nottage G-1 pool table to be a pool table. Made of toughened glass, the table’s surface with the Vitrik coating on it mimics the rolling resistance of felt, meaning that although it looks like you’re just playing on glass, the balls behave as though they’re on a regular felt surface with slate underneath. The rest of the table looks slick but is built entirely to competition specs, with the possible exception of a rather creative ball return system.  (Video after the jump)

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Man Would Rather Count the Wrinkles on His Dogs Balls Than Serve on Jury Duty


One, two, three….

There are probably better ways to avoid jury duty than the approach recently taken by a Montana man. After Erik Slye, 36, received a jury notice earlier this year, he filed a notarized affidavit seeking to be excused from serving on a District Court panel in Gallatin County. Slye’s caustic affidavit, which he prepared with help from his wife Jennifer, can be found below…

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Star Wars Bowling Balls: May The Perfect Game Be With You



Darth Vader Bowling Ball

Real Jedi knock bowling pins down with their mind, but we plebeians have access to the next best thing with these Brunswick Star Wars Viz-a-Ball bowling balls. Better yet, we can all avoid wretched hives of scum and villainy like Mos Eisley, and buy them over at Amazon for about $92-$120 each. There’s Yoda and C-3PO, and even a Darth Maul ball, although we hear that one relies a little bit too much on special effects and bad acting to get the job done.


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