Pricing baseball seats like airline tickets

It’s impossible to set the “right ticket prices” months in advance of an individual ballgame.

On Opening Days across the country organists are again playing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the baseball stadiums.  But there is another game being played in box office backrooms.  Seventeen out of the 30 Major League teams were using some form of dynamic pricing last year. dynamic pricing is the concept of raising and lowering prices in accordance with demand — to price ballpark tickets. This year, the practice seems likely to grow.




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Who Was Del Webb?

Del Webb 874

Del Webb had friends in high places and low, and was not yet sure where he should count Ben Siegel, his new client. Webb, a Phoenix construction man with a can-do reputation, had taken on an unfinished Nevada hotel as a favor to a banker friend with serious money at stake. Before he knew it he found himself bound by contract to a man of doubtful repute.

And before very long, Siegel would remove all doubts. Siegel bragged that he had personally killed 12 people. Now another mob figure was getting under his skin. “I’m going to kill that S.O.B. too,” Siegel added.

Webb’s face must have reflected his shock, for Siegel then reassured him:

“Del, don’t worry. We only kill each other.”

Webb walked a thin and dangerous line with Siegel, but it was all in a life’s work. Construction contracting was inherently risky. Somebody in his company once pointed out that it was a business where things do not even out. Bid too low, you lose money. Bid too high, you don’t even get the job.

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Beer Bottle Opener Baseball Cap


Can You Say Redneck Can Opener

Talk about a party hat! You’ll never have to go looking for a bottle opener again (well, unless you’re the sort who looks for house keys for an hour only to find that they’re in your pocket). The Guinness Bottle Opener Baseball Cap has a metal hook right on the brim to tear off caps, and it’s officially licensed by the beer company for good times.

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What Is That Thing On Olympian Kerri Walsh’s Shoulder?

What Is That Thing On Olympian Kerri Walsh’s Shoulder? 

 Olympic Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh

For the longest time I thought the black sinewy thing on Olympic beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh’s shoulder was either a confused Alien face sucker, a horny spider, a bad tattoo decision (a la Mike Tyson), or all of the above. Turns out I was way off, and it’s actually Kinesio athletic tape from a company in Albequerque. And upon further inspection, the hype surrounding the $15 tape appears justified, and goes way beyond helping athletes.

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Baseball’s First Pitch from Space

 Baseball’s First Pitch from Space

Expedition 16 commander Peggy Whitson (L) and astronaut Garrett Reisman display
a New York Yankees banner during a news conference in this image from NASA TV

The ceremonial first pitch in Wednesday’s Major League Baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will be thrown from aboard the International Space Station, the Yankees announced.

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