Beanpad for iPad

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When the 70s meet an iPad.

A lot of new devices are starting to flood the market that aim to better the viewpoint of your iPad or make it more versatile. The Beanpad by Mojo Worx Asia is no exception. This invention enlists the wildly successful hippy era trend of beanbags and combines it with a very contemporary device holder. What may set this invention apart from the others on the market is the free-form adjustment capability along with the vibrational absorption aspect, making it ideal for RVs, boats and other similar outdoor or off road excursions.

It also boasts three orientation positions making it possible to watch things landscape, portrait or simply have the bag in the middle for everyday use. While this is certainly a clever way to hold your iPad, the question of durability in the long run arises so we’ll have to wait to hear reports from the field about that part. In the mean time, grab your bag and start using your pad, man!

Article by Andrew Frey with Thomas Frey reporting directly from CES in Las Vegas

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