World’s biggest carnivores are turning their backs on beef


Argentine officials try to prop up beef binge with price caps

Dwindling purchasing power, changing food trends are to blame.

Argentines, who have long been among the world’s most voracious meat eaters, can no longer afford to binge on their own beef.

Red-meat consumption in the country has fallen to the lowest in a century. Blame rampant local inflation, the insatiable hunger for beef in other parts of the world that’s adding to price gains at home and — to a lesser extent — a reluctant movement toward healthier and cheaper proteins. It’s a kick in the teeth for a country that traditionally has vied with neighboring Uruguay for the title of world’s biggest carnivore on a per capita basis.

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Squirrel – The Other White Meat and It’s Sustainable, Too


The other white meat.

Move over kangaroo,  horse, and nutria – there’s a new meat on the supermarket shelves at Budgens in the UK – it’s squirrel. Squirrel has been eaten in the U.S. south for ages, and Budgens owner Andrew Thornton told the Guardian that he sells as many as 15 squirrels a week. Rather than cull these furry animals that abound on urban streets, Thornton said he thinks it is more sustainble….


Latest Ag Innovation – Mobile Slaughterhouses

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Any animal, anywhere, any time

The slaughtermobile — a stainless steel industrial facility on wheels — is catching on across the country, filling a desperate need in a burgeoning movement to bring people closer to their food. It is also perhaps one of the most visible symbols of a subtle transformation at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, long criticized for promoting big agribusiness.

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China Creates World’s First Genetically Modified Cow

cow 3214

Yay! Now the world has beefy abominations.

Chinese scientists have created the world’s first genetically modified cow that can give milk rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, Xinhua reported.

“Two embryo-cloned and genetically-modified dairy cows were born June 23 last year. One of the cows has been found to have Omega-3 fatty acid level 10 times higher than a normal cow,” said Li Guangpeng, head of the Biological Technology Laboratory at Inner Mongolia University.

“We did not announce the birth of the cows until now because it has taken time to check the cows’ effective genetic traces,” Li said…

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Hearing Test for Mad Cow Disease

 Hearing Test for Mad Cow Disease

Breakthrough in animal testing

As Japanese consumers become ever more “fussy” over food safety issues, there is a growing demand for technology that improves food quality. To ease the minds of health-conscious meat-eaters, researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Animal Health (NIAH) have developed a convenient method for identifying cattle infected with mad cow disease, simply by measuring the brain waves they produce in response to audio stimuli.

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