The future of moon exploration

moon base

Bigelow Aerospace plan to build bases on the moon.

One day, a rocket carrying more than a dozen privately built probes touches down on the moon. The robots burst from the vehicle in a race to beam back high-definition video and other data while roving the surface of Earth’s nearest natural satellite. The people of Earth watch a broadcast of the race as the rovers roam (or stall) in the lunar dust. (Videos)



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Bigelow Aerospace – First Commercial Space Company Seeks Professional Astronauts


Bigelow Aerospace advertising for experienced astronauts

An American space holiday firm, Bigelow Aerospace, has become the first commercial company to advertise for professional astronauts.  The firm, founded by Bob Bigelow, the head of a budget motel chain in the US, wants experienced spacemen working in orbit and on the ground.


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