BioBots low-cost 3-D printer can make human organs and bones


At a Drexel University lab in Philadelphia, a desktop 3-D printer is printing miniature samples of bones. In Toronto, another researcher is using the same printer to make living tumors for drug testing. It looks like an ordinary 3-D printer, but instead of plastic, it squirts out living cells.


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Era of cyborgs has begun

Combining technical devices with organisms have a fascinating potential.

Recent developments in technology such as medical implants, complex interfaces between brain and machine or remotely controlled insects, that combine machines and organisms have great potentials, but also give rise to major ethical concerns. In their review entitled “Chemie der Cyborgs – zur Verknüpfung technischer Systeme mit Lebewesen” (The Chemistry of Cyborgs – Interfacing Technical Devices with Organisms), KIT scientists discuss the state of the art of research, opportunities, and risks.



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