According to the FDA, your stem cells are now drugs


This ruling makes it physically impossible NOT to be on drugs.

In recent court filings, the Food and Drug Administration has asserted that stem cells—you know, the ones our bodies produce naturally—are in fact drugs and subject to its regulatory oversight. So does that make me (or you) a controlled substance?

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10 Bizarre Medical Discoveries

foot-odour 543

To stink or not to stink, that is the question.

The realm of medical science is filled with things that don’t make sense. Here is a list of 10 such logic defying occurrences.

People who think they have foot odor do, and those who don’t, don’t

It might be sweat and bacteria, but the main factor in how bad your feet smell is how you feel about them…

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Top 10 Photos of the Week

Cat on the Edge 672s

When it came to hacking up hairballs, there was no place better than this

“It is by the fortune of God that, in this country, we have three benefits: freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and the wisdom never to use either.”
Mark Twain

“If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?” – – John Cleese


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Meet the Thermometer Man


Thermometer Man with his collection

Thermometer Man is the perfect name for the 83-year-old Richard T. Porter. He has the biggest collection of thermometers, almost 5000 in different shapes and sizes. Before losing his daughter to a brain tumor he promised her to do something with his collection, and therefore he opened The Porter Thermometer Museum in the small village where he lives; Onset in Wareham Massachusetts…

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20 Weirdest Case Mods We Could Find

toomanyfans case mod 1234

Comic-Con, computer  encasement modifications (or case mods) are one of those areas where being a huge nerd intersects with being an artist. Of course, the work is less about displaying your ability to cram the basic components of a PC into just about anything and more about displaying your total lack of any other hobby and/or ability to talk to girls. Hence, case mods that will blow your mind!

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8 of the Weirdest Hotels on Earth



Das Park Hotel – Linz, Austria

 When we travel, we often want to stay in the best hotels money can buy, but really, what is the fun in that? Isn’t it more of an adventure to stay in a unique place that adds more charm than stars? Sure you can stay in a five-star hotel, but have you ever slept in a wine barrel, a jail, or magic mountain? Here are just some of the weird hotels found all across the globe.

The Das Park Hotel (pictured above) gives you a unique experience for sure. You wouldn’t sleep in a sewer, but would sleep in a pipe that was once in the sewer? If you would, then this unique Linz, Austria hotel offers you the chance to sleep in re-designed and standardized sewer pipes. With a double bed, it is a cozy stay within a pipe. The hotel complex nearby offers you food, toilets and more. Open between May and October, this is truly a unique place to stay, as long as you are not too claustrophobic…

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Vote For The Strangest Guinness World Records Photo

Cat Man 324
American Dennis Avner, aka Cat Man, underwent 14 surgical procedures to transform his face,
ears and teeth into feline features, as verified in Madrid, Spain, February, 2008.
It often seems like every week there is news of someone setting, or breaking, the Guinness World Record for some dubious achievement on which you never even believed people would have thought it fit to bestow commendation.
And so, in honor of the Guinness World Records’ tireless support of novelty achievements, Huffington Post rounded up 13 of the strangest, and occasionally pointless, records (so many to choose from!) for your amusement.
These are our favorites…

Weird and Wacky Medical Findings of 2009

WEIRD, wild and decidedly offbeat research findings have emerged in 2009.

Among the most bizarre medical discoveries were:.

– Pulling a tick off the wrong way can lead to meat allergy. An Australian doctor found the link while studying rising cases of the allergy among people who live on Sydney’s tick-prone northern beaches. “I now tell everybody I see who lives anywhere near ticks to use `Aerostart’ (spray-on engine cleaner) or another high-alcohol substance,” said Dr Sheryl van Nunen. “Stun the tick before you scrape it out and it can’t inject what it injects.”

– Serial coffee drinkers are more likely to feel “the presence of dead people”, British researchers found. They asked students about their caffeine intake and those with the highest were also most likely to report seeing, or hearing, things that were not there.

– US surgeons successfully restored a woman’s sight by pulling out one of her teeth, placing a lens inside the tooth and then implanting the tooth in her eyeball. The technique can only be used when a person has a scarred cornea on an otherwise healthy eye.

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Off-Kilter Japanese Cult TV show “Oh! Mikey”


Once a part of the wonderfully named “Vermilion Pleasure Night,” a sort of Japanese version of “Adult Swim,” “Oh! Mikey” is a bizarre comedy show cast entirely with widely grinning, frozen-faced mannequins. Each approximately two-minute episode of “Oh! Mikey” is about an American family living in Japan…

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