Shark Knife Will Terrify Your Enemies With Macho Impracticality

shark knife 432

The Shark Knife is a crazy blade to carve with.

The shark knife isn’t going to win any beauty contests, but that’s OK, because shark knives aren’t about looking good, they’re about getting the job done. And the job here is looking insanely tough, but with a tender, whimsical side. The Klingons have a word for this, most often translated as “trying too hard.”

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LawnPC: Visions To Transform Computing In The Future

LawnPC:  Visions To Transform Computing In The Future


Technology isn’t always on the same page with sustainability. Still when green innovation transforms the trajectory, even we find ourselves inclining towards the novelty. Such is the LawnPC, which visions to transform computing in the near future. The concept PC from David Veldkamp is powered by the solar cells attached to the grass like lawn on the PC, made from natural cotton fabric these blades transfer the generated 60 watts of energy down to the plug-in button at the bottom each blade. The concept requires no cooling fans, just put it where natural light and air are readily available and then leave rest on this wirelessly functional device that’ll give you the cleanest computing all the time.

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Peugot’s Concept Cars Of The Future

Puegot’s Concept Cars Of The Future 

If Gundam mated with Will Smith’s Audi in I, Robot, the offspring would resemble these futuristic concept cars from European brand Peugeot. The car-like vehicles were all entries in the 2008 Peugeot Design Contest. Designers were asked by organizers to create vehicles for that ambiguous but tantalizing “city of the future.” Areas of focus included environmental awareness, “social harmony,” interactive mobility and efficiency. As you can see in the “Blade” vehicle above, efficiency is improved with the wind turbine that designer Ying Hui Choo added to charge an on-board electric battery.

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Lil Guppie Multi-Tool

Lil Guppie Multi-Tool

 If you know what’s good for you, don’t mess with the fish

In most situations a guppy isn’t going to help you get a whole lot accomplished. Sure, they’re cute and small, but generally don’t do very much other than look cute and small. The Lil Guppie Multi-tool, however, is a fish of a different kind. Easy to carry, packed with tools, great for making light repairs – not to mention that it’s cute and small, too.

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