Site files DMCA takedown notice on blog it plagiarized

Stories about a disgraced researcher get pulled by WordPress.

A crazy story came to light after a DMCA takedown notice last week.  The story involves falsified medical research, plagiarism, and legal threats.  The site, Retraction Watch has followed the implosion of a Duke cancer researcher’s career (among the many other issues they follow), found a lot of its articles on the topic pulled by WordPress, its host.  Why did this happen?  It turns out that a small site in India copied all of the posts and claimed them as their own.  They then filed a DMCA takedown notice to get the original posts pulled from their source.  The original posts are still missing as their actual owners seek to have them restored.




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Top 50 Science Blogs That Can Help You Find a Career in Science


Impact Lab is listed as #45 for being a great look at research, and information and resources for scientists.

Any science student knows how exciting a career in one of the sciences can be. Indeed, there are always interesting discoveries being made and technological advances moving forward. Breakthroughs occur regularly, making for an interesting job — if you can find one.

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More Than Half of Internet Users Read Blogs Monthly


More than half of web users will read blogs this year.

Social networks and microblogs have in recent years nudged blogging off the social media pedestal. For some consumers, who have more communication tools at their fingertips than they did a few years ago, Facebook and Twitter have supplanted blogging as life-streaming outlets.


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Study Finds Blogging Is For Old People


Teenagers and young adults spent less time blogging during the past three years as social networks like Facebook became more popular, according to a Pew Research Center study released Wednesday.

Still, one social network, Twitter, has failed to catch on with the vast majority of younger teenagers, according to the Pew study of social media and mobile Internet use among teens and young adults.


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Leather Belts Recycled Into Flooring

leather flooring 123

A Great Use for Old Cow Hide!

The design blog Dornob has a post describing flooring made from recycled leather belts, including rugs and floor tiles. They’re pricey, at about $70 per square foot. So Dornob suggests that you could make your own:

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative approach, however, local vintage clothing stores may sell a belt for a few dollars. After finding a few choice samples, it is just a matter of figuring out the best way to put them together…


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Amateurs Rivaling Professionals on the Web


This is the age of the amafessional, when amateurs are rivaling professionals in opportunity, talent and the ability to produce quality work. It’s happening in virtually every field. In areas ranging from communications to medicine to simply making things with your hands, amafessionals are gaining in numbers and the ability to market their services.


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‘Age of Publicness’ Benefits Us All


In the company of nudists, no one is naked and there is nowhere to hide. In this space and on my blog, I have been arguing that with the internet, we are entering an age of publicness when we need to live, do business and govern in the open. So I was left with little choice when I learned I had prostate cancer. I had to blog it. So far, no regrets. Oh, one troll tweeted that in my blog post, I had merely used my cancer to plug my book (which, by the way, is entitled What Would Google Do?). But my Twitter friends beat him up on my behalf. I got emails pushing nutty cures on me – yes, there is cancer spam – but Gmail’s filters killed them for me. And I have had to be mindful not to bring my family into my glass house; my transparency shouldn’t necessarily be theirs.

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