Amazing Mobile Mini House

Mobile Mini House

John Lautner’s villa Chemosphere has inspired this modern version of a spaceship house. The only difference is that John’s version was stationary and this one’s a trailer. The beauty of this house-on-wheels lies in the fact that its compact and yet boats of ample living quarters. You will find a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office in the 252° Living Area: Mobile Mini House. (Pics)



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Pitch a Hemp Tent in the Green Outdoors

green-outdoor-hemp-tent 34132

Hemp tent and inner vent.

There is a enduring urban myth that Levi Strauss made his first jeans from hemp sail cloth, that he’d originally intended to sell as tent fabric to Californian Gold Rush prospectors. Although the company’s records were destroyed in the 1906 earthquake and fire, the official Levi Strauss history tends not to bear out this charming story.

But legends aside, hemp would’ve made a worthy tent fabric. It is strong, durable, resistant to UV light, with absorbent fibres that would swell when wet offering a tighter seal against moisture. All the reasons it was the sail material of choice back in its hey day.

Moving on to the modern day we find that a British company, Green Outdoor, is bringing the hemp tent back to life. (As well as tents of recycled polyester.)

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