Top 5 most dangerous tech products

dangerous tech products

There are 18,000 injuries a year, one child death every two weeks from flat-panel tv’s.

Our lives are enhanced in numerous ways by the electronic products we have in our homes.  Even though these products may enhance our lives on a daily basis they can also be the most dangerous products we have.  They are putting some of us, especially young children and the elderly, at risk of serious injury or even death.   The risks run from flat-panel TVs that topple onto toddlers, to button-sized batteries that become poisonous pills.


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Mobile Phones Could be Charged by the Sound of Your Voice

mobile phone

Engineers have developed a new technique for turning sound into electricity, allowing a mobile to be powered up while its user holds a conversation

 A dead battery or a lost charger are among the frustrations of modern life for cellphone users.  There is now new research that promises a way to recharge phones using nothing but the power of the human voice.

Adoption of Mobile Wallets Being Slowed by Behind-the-Scenes Battle Among Corporate Giants

mobile wallet

Consumers would wave their phones instead of swiping credit cards at the checkout counter.

The cellphone has been more than a cellphone for years, but soon it could take on an entirely new role — standing in for all of the credit and debit cards crammed into wallets.  Instead of swiping a plastic card at the checkout counter, consumers would merely wave their phones.


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