Tora – Classical Style Board Game Raises Money For Ecological Concerns


Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

Centuries ago in another land far away, a war was fought between two rulers of a tiger-like race.  Their names are long forgotten, but their memory lives on in this game of strategy and cunning!  Tora (TM) is a classical style board game done in the same vein as chess, chinese chess or checkers, whose purpose is to raise money for ecological concerns.


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3D Classic Chess from AllTerraSkates


3-D visualisaztion is a critical part of the development of young minds and is a vital part of keeping aging minds young.   After learning this game you will simply have a better life with more money, more respect from your friends and neighbors, and more love.  3D Classic Cube Chess from AllTerraSkates – 3$ from sale of each 3D Chess Set goes to Red Cross. 

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