3D printing is creating a ‘new class of entrepreneurs’

Chris Anderson of 3D Robotics

Chris Anderson is building drones in an industrial park on the outskirts of Tijuana. The former editor-in-chief of Wired magazine readily acknowledges that just a few years ago, he knew almost nothing about the aerospace industry. But after building a small plane out of Lego parts with his kids, and realizing that even children’s toys now come packed with advanced sensors and controls, Mr. Anderson decided to start a company called 3D Robotics Inc. and manufacture his own aerial vehicles.



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Eight Shocking Quotes from 2012 that will Redefine Our Future

Futurist Thomas Frey:  When is the last time you heard a statement that caused you to stop dead in your tracks?

It doesn’t happen very often, but for each of us, there are a few unusual sound bites that will permeate our senses and sway our thinking.



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Why Chris Anderson is leaving digital for DIY

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, editor in chief for Wired, announced that he was leaving the magazine to become CEO of his DIY-drone company, 3D Robotics. This move comes a month after the release of his latest book, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. In an interview last week Anderson talks about today’s biggest revolution in how and where we actually make things. If the last few decades have been about big digital forces — the Internet, social media — he notes that the future will be about applying all of that in the real world.


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The Thing About ‘Free’

 Seth Godin on the topic of FREE

Seth Godin:   I posted an internship yesterday. The idea was to combine the “you pay to come” model of summer camp with the “we pay you to do low level work” of an internship to create a learning experience for students that was, split the difference, free. I felt like a free program would represent a combination of our effort and the interns.

Free, though, is not the average of paid and paid for. Free is something entirely different.

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Why FREE Is the Future of Business

Why FREE Is the Future of Business

Chris Anderson has a brilliant article in Wired Magazine this month about the economy of FREE. Between new ways companies have found to subsidize products and the falling cost of doing business in a digital age, the opportunities to adopt a free business model of some sort have never been greater. But which one? And how many are there? Probably hundreds…

We will be most interested in how Chris decides to monetize his next book.

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