U.S. on track to stop funding clean tech


Sucks for American clean tech. Never mind that the industry is pretty universally regarded as one of tomorrow’s most important drivers of job growth and innovation—the already too-meager, maddeningly scattershot government support for clean energy is about to dry up altogether. So, goodbye ARPA-E?

David Roberts points us to this graph from a newish report from the Breakthrough Institute, the World Resources Institute, and the Brookings Institution, and, as you can see, it’s not pretty. And that sad-looking $11 billion stump too will disappear unless there’s a shift in policy.

Here’s Roberts…

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HOWTO clean LPs, DVDs, and CDs

vinyl grooves close up 2345

REALLY close up of a vinyl groove.

I’ve recently picked up several old vinyl LPs at thrift stores and garage sales. My musical taste is very eclectic, but these discs have one big thing in common: they’re all filthy. Similarly, we have dozens of kids DVDs and CDs in our house coated in toddler goo that would almost certainly beat the adhesive that holds the tiles on the space shuttle. This weekend, I plan to brew up a cauldron of the cleaning solution used by the master preservationists at the Library of Congress. Or maybe I’ll just go with Ivory dish soap, warm water, and an old t-shirt. Anyway, here’s the LoC’s recipe..

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Cotton Cloth Coated in Nanotubes Electrifies Bacteria to Purify Water

A new view on cleaning water

Fresh, clean, drinkable water is an increasingly rare thing on this planet, especially in places that are suffering through catastrophes like floods or must deal with high levels of pollution without the resources to set up water treatment facilities. But a project from Stanford University researchers could see cheap, simple filtration devices distributed through developing nations. How simple? Well, it’s just a piece of cotton cloth coated in nanotubes that filter out nearly all bacteria at a rate faster than other filtration methods…

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Toilet Paper To Match Your Mood

TP rolls of colored joy 2134
The Creative Colors Of Butt Cleanliness
A toilet paper firm says it’s on a roll after beating the recession with the world’s first mood-matching toilet tissue boutique.

Paper makers Renova say their psychologically trained counsellors can match colours, textures and even the thickness of various loo rolls to individual clients.

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Give Your Computer and Peripherals a Spring Cleaning

computer dirt n grime 3421
Dirty, dirty. Look what all that porn has done to your machine!
Most of us are more concerned about the tidiness of our directories and files than we are about our physical computer. A dirty computer is a failure-prone computer, so let’s dig in with some spring cleaning tips…

Delhi Officials Unveil Giant Public Air Freshener To Scrub Atmosphere Clean


Smog is a HUGE problem in India.

Officials in Delhi have unveiled a radical solution to tackle the increasingly noxious smog hanging over the city: a giant public air freshener that scrubs the atmosphere clean. The seven-tonne Systemlife Citta costs about 25 million rupees (£357,000). It sucks in 10,000 cubic metres of dirty air an hour, subjects it to a filtering process, and then emits clean air…

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‘Ice That Burns’ May Provide Clean, Sustainable Fuel For The Future

‘Ice That Burns’ May Provide Clean, Sustainable Fuel For The Future 

‘Ice that burns’ – gas hydrates

In the future, natural gas derived from chunks of ice that workers collect from beneath the ocean floor and beneath the arctic permafrost may fuel cars, heat homes, and power factories. Government researchers are reporting that these so-called “gas hydrates,” a frozen form of natural gas that bursts into flames at the touch of a match, show increasing promise as an abundant, untapped source of clean, sustainable energy. The icy chunks could supplement traditional energy sources that are in short supply and which produce large amounts of carbon dioxide linked to global warming, the scientists say.

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SnapBagger – An Innovative Way to Bag Leaves And Debris

SnapBagger - An Innovative Way to Bag Leaves And Debris

Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Raking debris is easy. It’s the bagging that is hard and messy!  The SnapBagger’s patented tool makes bag attachment quick and secure.  Its unique design allows the tool to be used in a dynamic fashion – Shoveling, Scooping, or Scraping – while minimizing bending, twisting and directly touching debris.

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The Aquaduct Bicycle



This unique bicycle won the 2008 Innovate Or Die contest and was created by five IDEO engineers and designers. The Aquaduct allows a person to carry a large amount of water while filtering it into clean drinking water at the same time.

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