Dirty diapers? Knowaste will turn them into roofing material


A new destination for diapers.

For those of us who wince every time a dirty diaper is discarded, take heart: Canadian company Knowaste can now transform those soiled, disposable nappies into roofing material. That’s right, billions of baby-poop gems and even adult ‘accidents’ due to incontinence, are ripe for the picking and destined for our roofs, thanks to a process that transforms diaper waste into plastic pellets, which can then be made into roofing tiles and tubing.

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Biodegradable Bag To Clean Up Kenya Slum’s ‘Flying Toilets’

peepoo-bag 132

The most important bag of the future?

Trials of a disposable toilet bag have been carried out by families in the Kenyan slum of Kibera, before it reaches the market in a few months. The “Peepoo” is a small biodegradable bag coated with a chemical which turns human waste into fertilizer.

Kibera – East Africa’s largest informal settlement – lacks sewers and suffers from poor levels of sanitation. Residents frequently use polythene bags, known as “flying toilets”, to dispose of their waste…

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Lawnmower Turns Waste Grass Into Toys

Lawnmower Turns Waste Grass Into Toys 

 Muwi Concept Mower

The electric-sheep lawnmower may have tickled your fancy, but this Muwi concept mower from designer Yuli Sung will have you scratching your head. The concept’s roughly the same as the sheep: It automatically assesses the grassy areas, and then cuts the lawn without supervision required. Cunningly, it grabs the grass cuttings inside where they won’t lie around setting off people’s hay fever. But then it does something strange… it compacts the cuttings into toys. Scratching yet?

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