Mobile coupons are going mainstream

Mobile commerceis exploding. As recently as late 2010, commerce transacted from phones and tablets was only 3% of e-commerce. By the end of last year’s holiday shopping season, that number had risen to 11%. That’s approximately $18.6 billion in consumer spending — and that doesn’t even include travel-related purchases.



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Digital coupons – the future of mobile wallets: Study

Google Wallet

Everyone likes a good deal, a new study on digital wallets by the mobile marketing tech firm Vibes has concluded. It means that mess of flyers on your front door could soon be replaced by a smarter set of customized and personalized digital flyers in your Apple Passbook or Google Wallet.



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Digital coupons rival print in effectiveness


Consumers perform online product research, make purchases.

Price-conscious consumers have been driven online by the battered US economy to do research before making a purchase, and eMarketer estimates that there will be 92.5 million online coupon users by the end of 2012. Those savings-savvy consumers will no doubt be helped by electronic circulars, which now rival their print counterparts in penetration, according to a November 2011 study of US internet users by Yahoo! and Ipsos.

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88.2 Million People Will Use Digital Coupons in 2011

online coupons

Household usage of digital coupons has nearly doubled since 2005.

A digital revolution in couponing coupled with the belt-tightening of the recession have combined to make coupons cool among more than just those clipping the Sunday circular. Digital coupon usage is now firmly a part of the online shopping experience of millions of US consumers.


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Are Social Coupons Good for Business?


Some companies do not make a profit from Groupon promotions.

The Groupon website offers coupons for nearly 200 promotions a day in the United States and Canada. These coupons provide big discounts at local businesses, but with a simple catch: a certain number of people have to sign up within an allotted time limit for the deal to work.


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IBM Unveils Innovations That Will Change Our Lives In The Next Five Years


Unveiled today, the third annual “IBM Next Five in Five” is a list of innovations that have the potential to change the way people work, live and play over the next five years.

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