Underground Dining – Gourmet Pop-up Restaurants that Operate Illegally a Growing Trend

underground dining

Underground dining growing in popularity.

In an old converted warehouse in San Francisco’s Mission district recently, about 65 gourmands dined by candlelight at The Wild Kitchen, an event presented by the group forageSF.  One after another, courses arrived from the kitchen: fish soup, duck fat potatoes, fusilli con cinghiale (pasta with wild boar). With each bite and sigh of delight, the crowd eagerly participated in a crime — a scrumptious one, but illegal nonetheless.


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The Seventh Annual World Testicle Cooking Championship

 testicle cooking 3245

Testicles are eaten world wide

Ozrem, Serbia hosted an international culinary competition in which chefs prepared the testicles of many different animals in creative ways:

The food — politely called “white kidneys” in Serbian — is believed to be rich in testosterone. In the Balkans, it is considered to help men’s libido…

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Chefs Prepare Dinner on the Hot Lava of a Volcano in Iceland


Romantic dinner in the shadow of the Fimmvorduhals volcano

There is absolutely no dearth of ways to make someone feel special. Culinary art is just one of them. Various means have been devised to prepare scrumptious and tempting cuisines to satiate gastronomical palates, but nothing like this has ever been done before. Chefs from Holt hotel hosted a romantic dinner for a Dutch couple in the shadow of Fimmvorduhals volcano in middle of the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland.  (Pics)


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Snail Caviar Is Toast Of French Culinary World

caviar 2134

Balls of Culinary Bliss

He is a former builder who once made a living fitting kitchens. Now Dominique Pierru is being hailed as a gastronomic genius after creating a delicacy likely to mark the history of Gallic cuisine — snail caviar.

France may be the land of l’escargot but never before had anyone come up with a recipe for gastropod eggs capable of satisfying the most demanding palates. Pierru took three years to develop the product after abandoning his fitted-kitchen business to buy a snail farm in Picardy, northern France, in 2004.

He had to find a way of softening the eggs, of conditioning them and of persuading his 180,000 snails to lay enough to make the business viable. The result is being hailed as a triumph, earning widespread acclaim in France and elsewhere, and a place on menus of three-star restaurants as well as an order from Harrods in London.

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The World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Foods

truffle top food 3241
Italian White Alba Truffle
If you’re looking to expand your horizons into the world of excess culinary expense, then you could do worse than starting with a few items on this list of the most outlandish, outrageous and, above all, the most expensive foods in the world.

Pictured above is the Italian White Alba Truffle which is sold for between $1,000 and $2,200 US per pound (€1700 to €3800 per kg).

Here’s the list…