Girl cuts hair to buy house

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It took four hours every week to wash her hair and an hour and a half to brush every day

There are certain drawbacks to having a five-foot-long mane of hair. Twelve-year-old Natasha Moraes de Andrade of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was proud of her hair, but it took hours to wash and comb it. Her family couldn’t turn on fans for fear of getting it caught. And riding a bicycle was out of the question. Still, getting her hair cut was a difficult decision.

‘I cried at first when I was at the hairdressers to get it cut,’ she says.

‘I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, and I was also scared I might not get the money I wanted for it…

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Real Life ‘Edward Scissorhands’

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A Funky New Hair Styler
A stylist has emulated Edward Scissorhands by inventing a set of razor sharp ‘clawz’ which he claims will revolutionize hair cutting. Valentino LoSauro says his devices cut hair twice as fast as normal scissors.

Mr LoSauro spent two years and £150,000 developing his invention. “The idea came to me in the late 90’s,” he said. I am a pianist as well as a hairdresser and wanted to combine that light fingered touch with my styling. (Pics)