DaVinci Speaker Series: The rise of the female entrepreneur

“Everyone expects to hear the normal statistics and comments in events such as this one. However, DaVinci Institute’s panel members frequently have a different view and are often provocative. Our programs tend to be effective since our expert panel members study, research and even live in the future.

To us THE RISE OF THE FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR has already started but the strongest impact of this reality has yet to hit the U.S. market. Come and hear what our panelists have to say about this once in a millennium trend and how it will impact you regardless of your gender.

Discover how this change has already begun to cause radical changes in our governments, businesses, politics and personal lives. What was promised decades and decades ago to American females has now taken root and there’s no going back.”


DaVinci Speaker Series : Disruptive Technology


Many disruptive technologies are entering the current marketplace: autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, etc. Each of these technologies is expected to obsolete and displace a large number of businesses with the associated job layoffs and supply chain interruptions. A question of concern is whether these disruptions by themselves or in combination with financial cycles, changes in government policies and cultural shifts can de-stabilize our economy or amplify economic fluctuations resulting in a ‘techno-apocalypse’?

DaVinci Speakers Series : Bitcoin and Blockchain

By now the mainstream media has been flushed with headlines about bitcoin and it’s underlying technology, the blockchain, but how will they actually change society? Is this all about creating a new form of money or will industries from all areas be impacted and disrupted? As a matter of fact voting, energy management, ride sharing, insurance, education, and virtually every single industry is about to undergo a paradigm shift. Come discover the present and future world where decentralized currencies and systems dominate.


Cameron Schorg, also known as “The Bitcoin Guy” to many, was recently named 1 of 15 “People to Watch in 2018” by the Des Moines Register. The last 6 years of his life have been devoted to evangelizing and harnessing the disruptive nature of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the Blockchain. As a pioneer, he launched an exchange startup at the age of 16, organized grassroots movements at more than 75 Universities worldwide, and works with some of the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency companies. Schorg is regularly featured as a subject expert at FinTech industry events, educational seminars, media coverages, and frequently consults companies and individuals. His relentless devotion stems from the will to free us all from economic slavery, truly democratize the worlds markets, and push humanity into an age of abundance. This starts with Bitcoin.


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